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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 13, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the trochees comment baumgartner unhorse row malt raising the flag of the giants could not score. all for seven 0 for 7... the rookie back up with the second outstanding performance of his career. was one nothing colorado and that was it to nothing rockies beat the giants on opening day at at&t. >> : i hate to lose the opener was the big day of ceremonies will we do we were hoping to do putting pressure on them and the story of the game is that we just couldn't get a timely hit. >> gary: the giants' fourth straight loss they've only scored seven runs over the last five games had been
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shut out twice catherine is opening day. they only have a hundred and 50 something games left today always out there all day doing the radio saying. and is surprising to see how little white ball can make so many people happy. right now they're not hitting and pitching with the exception of this new kid catherine today be happy and keep tweeting >> catherine: thousands of fans packed at&t park for the home opener dan kerman is live at the gang while it was a beautiful day for baseball. the bases were
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loaded the was the crowd was very hopeful when the giants got a runner on base. but it did not happen today but the giants fans are not giving up. >> reporter: there started arriving at at&t park hours before the gates open. but these are not just your run- of-the-mill giants fan. these are folks this the opening day as a holiday they must celebrate in person. >> : unbent although of first-time games. opening day and he's four years old tradition >> reporter: and no matter how old or young these giants fans are there some of the now most knowledgeable or around.
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>> : i like what i'm saying and i think is gonna be a great year >> reporter: yes they know about the injuries and this week in san diego but hey they are talking about the world series champions giants >> : we're gonna have a great year this the beginning of the season. >> reporter: and as for this year's project many think it could happen again and most are still just still basking in last year's victory. >> reporter: wouldn't do it on opening day boat to mall is apt actually opening night maybe that's what they are waiting for. dan kerman kron 4 news >> grant: now fans are feeling the fever searing pictures with us rooting on the giants is a family affair for so many in the bay area. kids rocking an
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orange and black dogs that doubt we'd love to see your pictures messages on facebook between us or use instagram or you or e-mail us at our breaking news eccrine dachau >> catherine: and were following breaking news of san jose all lanes of the 680 and highway 101 connector are shut down there has been a mainstay on the overpass threatening to jump. police have been talking to the man for the last couple of hours. the situation has caused a major traffic backed up on i 280. >> catherine: people in berkeley are on edge after gunfire and an accomplice armed apartment complex while residents were
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sleeping. it was a part of a crime scene involving two victims were shot in their car. at least one suspect is still wanted kron 4 terisa estacio reports police say it is a complicated crime scene >> reporter: a car riddled with more than a dozen bullets injuring two people to homes where bullets flow through the windows shattering the stillness of the night. police say was around 1:44 a.m. monday morning when they receive multiple 911 calls of gunfire erupted at the intersection of ashby and chat that the residents whose home was struck did not want to be identified but did tell kron 4 news they were ok but shaken and other residents who live nearby says this is normally a quiet and safe neighborhood. bullets also struck this apartment complex here and here police say the two people injured
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in the car were males in their 20s. kron 4 news was able to get this close up look at the victim's car. all victims were taken to hospital detectives of trying to figure out the motive in this case and was firing the gun or guns. this is spokesperson and jennifer coats. >> : in looks like or to people involved in this crude shooting were not so sure that were firing at each other right now trying to find out what happened. there might be more suspects involved with just a note this point >> reporter: police said down this intersection of shasta peak shattuck an ad speak for more than 10 hours as they gathered gathered the evidence terisa estacio elton berkeley kron 4 news >> catherine: east bay mud says the most of the summit has been cleaned up from the
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exposed portion of broadway branch in glen echo creek all they're focusing now on clearing out nearby pipes and drains. crews are also spending one more day cleaning cement from the section of creek the crosses the claremont golf course east bay mud is not say exactly when the cleanup will be completed or how much it will cost but they're hoping to finish sometime this week. >> catherine: some tough new water conservation measures kick in the past weekend in morgan hill residents now have to limit outdoor watering to just two days a week before 9:00 a.m. and could face a fine if leaky pipes and sprinkler heads are not repaired within 48 hours also all car washes and have been banned until further notice with the exception of commercial car washes which use recycled water and no city water can be used to fill or refilling swimming pools beyond
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topping off water lost to evaporation morgan hill was recently singled out by the state for using too much water and sky is still face even stricter measures this summer. >> catherine: the east bay mud reservoirs' are about half full. with no rain in sight could even get lower this summer the east bay mud board meets to tomorrow to make decisions about what to do meantime residents are urged to cut back on watering their lawns and gardens to only twice a week and also to limit watering driveways sidewalks and to turn off decorative fountains. >> catherine: and still satisfy the latest on the search for the motorcyclist who was thrown into the sam keen river after colliding with a car on the antioch bridge also the high-priced prostitutes accused in the death of global executive is back in court coming up at 530 white her defense team
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says they need more time and next wide bay area rolled are not getting any better.
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>> catherine: the quality of the area rose has not changed much according to the metropolitan transportation commission. the report uses information from all nine bay area counties. says that nearly 43,000 mi. of streets and roads had an average ranking of 66 of 100 when the judging the condition of the pavement san francisco did
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better than san jose and oakland the report says the worst roads in the region are in larkspur. >> catherine: still ahead the search for missing biker turns into a recovery mission the latest on the search is next and it is a sure sign of spring the annual cherry blossom festival next how one local high school is celebrating.
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>> catherine heenan: the search for an antioch men ejected into the waters of the delta after a crash on the antioch bridge sunday is now recovering mention mission maureen kelly is kron 4 a maureen kelly was there at the five teams were looking for his for >> reporter: it was a somber scene as about 30 family members and friends of the victim walked away from the antioch oakley shoreline appear wearing sober expression is one man with a tremor in his voice said that was my son out there before declining to be interviewed. one local man was out there on the pier as the group looked out toward
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the water with a young man went in. because the unidentified man hit the delta waters right past the contra costa county county line the sacramento county sheriff's dive team were back monday morning in boats equipped with a sonar equipment. but around 3:00 p.m. because of the conditions too much wind and water to deep the search for the body was called off sunday the coast guard at their boats out in the water right after the crash the chp says it happened around 4:30 p.m. there were called in on reports of speeding this motorcycle's driving on a narrow shoulder of the antioch bridge one motorcycle collided with a honda which ejected the motorcyclist from the tall spaceman. his employer did not want to be identified said the the young man was a joy to work with he just had been promoted was the father of a three month old baby
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girl she says her heart goes out to his girlfriend and their family. >> catherine heenan: today's actors san francisco police chase resulted in a pedestrian being killed the suspects have not been caught. 42 year-old bridget claqueurs was hit and killed by a car friday night police were after a car full of armed robbery suspects after they set up a traffic stop the driver hit another pedestrian and then crashed into another car before getting away the other person injured is expected to survive. >> catherine heenan: the martinas unified school district is carly meeting to discuss an air-conditioning controversy and elementary school. parents are planning to protest the meeting which began at 5 today. london analysts alimentary was the target of racial discrimination after one
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board member cited that hispanic students did not need air-conditioning because they're used to the heat and chooses to fund air-conditioning at another school that has predominantly white students measure k funding is scheduled to be discussed this includes funding for at air-conditioner units at the school. >> grant lodes: heads up if you ski snowboard or enjoy a magnificent views a game changing gondola could soon a link squaw valley and alpine medals the resort has reached a deal with the dial owns the land between the two mountains to build a gondola that would travel to and from the basis of lake tahoe area mountain this is animation from the company placer county and u.s. forest service officials still have to sign off on the pot project. >> reporter: will run low
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80s yesterday the temperatures have gone down about 10 to 15 degrees and a few raindrops for the bay area of talk about that >> catherine heenan: it is a sign of spring cherry blossoms blooming. and in the japanese culture they are assemble of duty and an awareness of life and love. san francisco celebrates the largest cherry blossom festival on the west coast calls jeff pierce reports from behind the scenes >> reporter: the japanese club of el cerrito high school practices twice a week. >> : this is a fisherman that's it and tell by the movements is like pulling the rope is done to encourage the fisherman to keep looking harder. >> : news it music
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>> : chanting and music >> : is important to add the we can to keep the japanese culture alive >> : since i was a cat i've always been a fan of asian culture food martial arts lang which was really you need to make language. >> : not only are you getting experience of dancing and you're also watching other performers as well and you try to learn through the dance moves. >> : cultural changes as one
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of the things the week this world has to offer a nest we're doing our part to keep this culture alive. >> reporter: at el cerrito high school jeff pierce kron 4 news >> catherine heenan: and the cherry blossom festival continues in san francisco's japan town next weekend one of the highlights is sunday afternoons parade for a full schedule of events 01 >> catherine heenan: you probably heard the helicopter parent but what about free range parenting? next why one couple's parents install has landed them in trouble again and later a big twist in the murder case of rep mobile showed night. shug knight
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>> catherine heenan: a washington couple is under fire for leaving their children unsupervised that
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is after their young children had wandered into a car by themselves and ended up in police custody. alecia reid is here with the is >> reporter: this is the second time in four months this couple says it is beyond ridiculous the police picked up their children and took them to a child protective services. danielle need to have and her husband alexander believe in free range parenting which allows their six and 10 year-old children to play and walk alone in the neighborhood. they believe the world is a safe place and that this teaches their children self- reliance a responsibility but yesterday please pick up the children while they were walking home alone from the park and brought them to see ps this is the second time the agency had caught contact with the family for the same issue. when picking up their children from shout detective services the couple had to sign a
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temporary safety plan just like they did the first time around saying their children will be supervised at all times until follow a visit the family has hired an attorney. >> catherine heenan: coming up the race for the white house is starting to get crowded the latest candidate to announce is next at 5:30 p.m. and also the prosecutor accused in the death of google executive was in court today why her lawyer says they need more time.
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>> : not just yesterday a leader from yesterday's began a campaign for president by promising to take back to yesterday. yester day is over. >> catherine heenan: that's florida senator mark o. rubio announcing his candidacy for president with a swipe at hillary clinton. three republicans are now in the race as many as a dozen others may join them. the democrats and have one alecia reid is here with a look at the early prospects for next year's race for the white house. >> reporter: it will be
5:30 pm
seven months to 180 days before i will caucus's give the first voters a chance to make a choice. but as republicans lined up to challenge hillary clinton she is not wasting time the democratic front runner is heading to iowa and what she is calling on road trips. >> reporter: sell these with hillary. clinton's three car motorcade took off from new york op-ed stop and altitude of pennsylvania. >> reporter: clinton tweeter plan after officially announcing her candidacy candidacy and the video on sunday california senator barbara boxer says the former first lady as secretary of state is up for the challenge. marco rubio by contrast is will all one
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term senator whose main appeal is a compelling personal story of this cuban parents' immigrant background. that comment may have been directed at his onetime mentor gov. jack bush who was also talking about running. margo rubio joins two other announced republican candidates fellow senators ted crews of texas and red and all of tennessee. >> reporter: the system is moving toward the bay area the problem is that we're getting is very far away from the storm's center which is way up here in the alaskan panhandle so not much more sure for us to work with of the few raindrops and a north bay. strong winds for tonight and cooler temperatures that were already seen. the temperatures are in the '50s right now for san francisco '60s for oakland.
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antioch's curly at 70 degrees. so there's a big change compared to the 80 degree temperatures that we had yesterday. the live you at the embarcadero you could see the flags was falling in the wind. >> reporter: see a few increasing clouds for the evening and perhaps a few isolated showers breezy for tomorrow morning with cold temperatures to start and more gusty winds possibly as strong as 45 mi. per hour and then things will warm-up later. >> catherine heenan: lawyers for high-priced prostitute charged in the death of a global executives say they need more time to prepare their case alex tichelman was in us that a crews county courtroom today. the 26 year-old accused of
5:33 pm
giving forest hayes a lethal dose of heroin while on his private yacht police said surveillance video shows for finishing a glass of wine in putting down the blinds to hide the body she left without calling 911 hayes had hired a-prostitute several times before the night he died her attorneys say they have a lot of evidence to go through. >> catherine heenan: tichelman has pleaded not guilty to several charges including manslaughter and a judge will decide next month that there is enough evidence for stand trial. >> catherine heenan: tonight the south carolina police officer charged with murder is facing new criticism for his demeanor and the moments after he shot and killed a man ready as the newly released audio. >> grant lodes: the audio is from a conversation captured on-camp audio
5:34 pm
between officer michael slater and another unnamed officer on the phone. the 2 talking minutes after slater fatally shot unarmed black man walter scott in the back as he ran from the officer the video capture this shooting and slider was fired and charged with murder here now is a bit of that conversation between slater and the responding officer. >> : they are obliged to take your weapons we will go from there pretty much it last one they had they wanted a couple days to interview >> catherine heenan: >> grant lodes: the video capture the shootings later was fired and charged with murder now their cost and the national bar association claiming the other officers seen on the video should also be prosecuted the national association is made up of predominantly black
5:35 pm
lawyers and judges critics say the officer clarence hammers sham left out key details of the incident and the police report. >> catherine heenan: don't also o'clock on the reserve shares deputy has been charged in the shooting death of a black suspect 73 year-old robert bass and faces a second-degree murder second-degree manslaughter charges. police say he thought he was holding a stun gun not his handgun when he fired at 44 year-old eric harris it happened during an undercover the weapon state earlier this month over the weekend of video surface showing here is being shot while struggling on the ground in a you can hear a man apologizing later here's later died at the hospital. >> catherine heenan: arrested in may and run murder trial of rap mogul suge knight a key witness told an l.a. judge today that he's reluctant to
5:36 pm
testify against night bombs loaned testified about the day he and terry carter were hit by a pickup truck driven by suge knight the co- founder of death row records sloan was badly hurt and carter was killed salonga refuses to identify suge knight as the man behind the wheel he claims he does not remember specifics of the fight and does not want to be a snitch. >> catherine heenan: on nearly seven your legal side of jodi r. ride is of fought finally ended in a phoenix court room today the judge ordered her to life in prison without parole for killing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander back in 2008 shirt areas as shot alexander and stabbed him 30 times in his home after alexander planned a trip to mexico with another woman and tried breaking up with her numerous times areas like unchanged for stories about the night of the murder and claimed she was
5:37 pm
in an abusive relationship and murdered alexander in self-defense. >> catherine heenan: to the surprise of one hill recline is running for president but will hollywood supporter in next the downward spiral of u.s. air travel.
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5:41 pm
meantime corporate profits soared all four major airline stocks united, any american delta and southwest were among the top earners last year.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> catherine heenan: hillary clinton is in but who and how what is coming out to support her? this is the second coming of klan takes over social media the insiders louis aguirre which has more from new york. >> reporter: kathryn over the bridge in brooklyn clinton campaign headquarters are in overdrive. after announcing her presidential bid in grass roots out yesterday tinseltown was quick to join the bandwagon. but how low will large celebrity supporters be this time around? and will house with a pro will help or hurt her run for the white house?
5:45 pm
>> reporter: after being a staunch overbought of support and pass scarlett johansson joined jut up buyout jennifer lopez and empire start when grace greeley area and run day lee m. dunham and magic johnson and hillary former as in else pull for any color in supporting our decision to run for the big ticket in 2016. the insider was by hillary side throughout her first presidential campaign trail on my exam and this time she is entering the race with the presumed presidential as the upper presumed presidential nominee we're going tasseled much more on the story tonight at 7 on the insider for kron 4 news on louis aguirre back to catherine >> catherine heenan: you to watch all your celebrity
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news here on kron 4 after the insider entertainment tonight here's the 7:30 p.m. followed by kron 4 news at 8. >> reporter: here's a live look at the golden gate bridge clouds are rolling in the head of the weather system that is producing rain around you rica escobar ride later this evening. eureka... we're looking as sunshine to the day tuesday starting on the cool side and fairly cold for the afternoon very similar to today '60s by the bay and '70s and inland spots. the weather is already beginning to change it and see the sea breeze began to weaken for wednesday temperatures will be up about 5 to 10 degrees.
5:47 pm
you can see '70s reaching all the way to the coast by thursday and friday. it is even room on friday and we will be approaching 90 degrees of first we have to get the system out of here. >> reporter: clouds pushing into the bay and the wet weather with that and watch as a few of these blight and isolated showers work their way through and quickly added to the south and east by 4:00 a.m. skies will be clear breezing conditions will continue for tomorrow morning that will increase as we go to the day and this wins could gust up to 45 mi. an hour. 60s bayside a round seven is for the south bay will and low 70's barely in the low seventies and not the and the valleys pennant. >> reporter: with a warm up
5:48 pm
fast of 5 to 10 degrees for wednesday and those inland temperatures will be close to 90 degrees always through the weekend. >> reporter: the sales are coming in with apple watch >> reporter: review the pretty average. we have little barbie fingers to flip through the alps apps. $382 us the average spending on was $503 and a lot of people say they make the first watch bat conspiracy
5:49 pm
theorist. >> reporter: 2 very big trends in manufacturing tax law in nevada is building batteries for their electric cars is amplified to the biggest trend in labor at this time wage growth is coming but there are not enough qualified workers. sometimes the just need certification if you no family member this struggling telamon tumbled to reno nevada and averaged job there is good $25 an hour. i know ourselves crazy but good things are coming to reno nevada with the tax breaks that the state is experiencing. >> reporter: the 21 year-old the masters winning >> reporter: yourcaddy was working as a sixth rain matt skip math teacher six years ago he saw a kid the did not
5:50 pm
have a caddy jumped under the robe and the hat came his caddie and a couple years later his wife said this guy is gonna win the masters in the next in years when would be a part of it. he just pulled in $375,000 in the last few days. >> stanley roberts: coming up an update on the driver the sped away from the chp for carpal crackdown and the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> stanley roberts: is started off as simple koppel enforcement segment but quickly turned into something else here is a snippet from the previous
5:54 pm
segment the driver tried to hop out of a restricted lang when he saw the police officer crop of the california highway patrol. now cockle violations are not moving violations is simply a ticket and you know on but there is a way to escalate from a felony and 321. the driver rabbits from the scene and at first the officer gives chase except why chase and risk lives over carpal ticket we already have as much and license on-camera he even said hello to the camera you cannot make this stuff up as talk has said east bay as dumb as criminals. well to all the people were asking for an update here ideas. it is shortly after he ran from the chp officer the chp says he reported the car stolen 50 minutes later to hayward police crime if was missing in the morning
5:55 pm
which is interesting because he was driving the very same car on the more need lang his car was stolen when he looked at the camera and even said hi. so it was charged with of filing a false stolen vehicle police report reckless driving driving on suspended licenses which would explain why he ran in the first place and resisting delaying or obstructing the peace officer from from borman's of his or her duties. his real name was robert silva from out of hayward. for the record according to the highway patrol was picked up by hayward police booked and released with after receiving his court date so soulful went from 0 to 100 real quick made a life decision that led him in custody and may even on record on it by the way the car he reported stolen still has not been found in hayward stanley roberts kron 4 news.
5:56 pm
>> catherine heenan: now the fight to get air- conditioning could get very emotional at a meeting is just getting started and turning back and hands of time was going on at the toll plaza kron 4 news continues at 6:00.
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switch to modern security. add xfinity home for $29.95 a month and lock in your rate for 2 years. plus save up to 20% on your home owners insurance. call 1-800-xfinity today. >> catherine heenan: khedive never won on catherine heenan fired a parents are said to protest the school board meeting in martinez there said about a board member's alleged comments regarding air-conditioner that step, it has ignored ignited a firestorm on social media.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: parents teachers and community organizers are planning of protest this evening regarding worth the was spoken by a school member late last month regarding air-conditioning and one of the elementary schools in this district in mood and a look at the video here this of this pull the were talking about is the lob to as us an elementary school and the issue is the air- conditioning. it was recorded at the meeting and march 30th as the the school board members suggested this students of that school did not need air-conditioning as bad as others which is made many parents upset. >> : and just to consult with the district was suspended and the something important to the parents into the school they need to
6:00 pm
show up to the meeting >> reporter: this issue is not the be discussed during the school board meeting of the protest is designed to make the community aware. >> catherine heenan: the calendar says it's still april but some people in the south bay are being asked to conserve water like it is high summer. kron 4 is rob fladeboe has details on what is being called a level to water shortage and the city of morgan hill. >> reporter: to drive around town the u.s. the a lot of green grass but morgan hill will soon be the poster city for a slogan brown is the new green and resident yvette cason nonstop for one says bring it on. >> reporter: from now on all what outdoor watering like
6:01 pm
this will be limited to death two days a week before 9:00 a.m.. leaks must be fixed within 48 hours and all do-it-yourself car washing has been bent. >> reporter: in addition know city water can be used to fill swimming pools and pool owners like greg maine must limit topping off for evaporation loss limited to one slut. conscious effort >> reporter: ironically morgan hill is one of the few cities to have met last summer's goal of cutting water use by 20 percent but it was nonetheless singled out by the state of california for over consumption and could be
6:02 pm
asked to save as much as 35% which could mean even tougher restrictions are coming. >> reporter: whelm while most residents here seem to be on board with the new call for " conservation some feel the city could do more by considering a moratorium on new home construction in morgan hill rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> catherine heenan: east bay mud board meets tomorrow and might declare a stage for critical drought. there reservoirs' are about half full with no rain in sight but even lower this could even the lower the summer the meeting and could result in more caught customer cutbacks from 15% to 20 percent residents are urged to cut back on watering their lawns and gardens to only twice a week and also to limit watering
6:03 pm
driveways and sidewalks at the turn of decorative fountains. >> grant lodes: the drought combined with warmer than the normal temperatures have prompted several california jurisdictions to hire extra firefighters. they are all so increasing the number of fire engines of bulldozers fire crews helicopters and air tankers as we enter fire season. some of the county's and organizations to increase staffing and firefighting told cal fire monterrey cal fire sam always catch the umbarger road county fire denture county fire and loss peddles a national force is the video from the santa barbara area fire last year the threat of wildfires usually peak in the fall with a four year drought in dealing with fire wild fires has become a
6:04 pm
year round issue. >> reporter: low sixties for the oakland readings today were down about 10 to 15 degrees. with the start of this week on the cool site but is a warm-up rapidly as we get to amid a late weak. right now we're have barry windy conditions. the winds are currently between 20 and 30 mi. an hour. at sfo air pull 36 a mile an hour winds. >> reporter: a few raindrops could come to the bay area will come quickly will tomorrow be sunny and blustery. >> catherine heenan: yes bignesses breakout the peanuts and hot dogs baseball is back in the bay area thousands of people packed at&t park today to
6:05 pm
watch the giants hoist their world championship banner and begin the question the vendor tighter. dan kerman is live at the ballpark. >> dan kerman: this right was a rough start for the home owner of the rock giants lost to the nothing. 2 to 0.. there's nothing like being the world series champion and an opening day the giants raise that to the 2014 championship flag for everyone to say. the fact of the giants win the world series every other year was not lost on these diehards either. but some seemed the think this might be the year of the repeat. >> dan kerman: and white
6:06 pm
just and a meant to celebrate many dressed the part you are literally wrapped in the world series flag and then there is this i could not help myself. the people scratcher head many coming to day opening day irregulars but some this was their first time and they were making the most of it. >> dan kerman: with backlighted at&t part not a victory today for the giants but tomorrow is opening night maybe that's when it and did these runners across home plate that's the latest
6:07 pm
reporting from at&t park dan kerman kron 4 news >> catherine heenan: and argive coverage is not over yet coming up to 6:45 p.m. gary will have complete highlights of today's game also had the search continues for the motorcycle is thrown over the anti-iraq bridge sunday what we have learned about the victim and the oakland deputy who accidently shot a man is now charged with a crime. and the 2016 presidential field is starting to take shape the latest politician to jump into the race.
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>> catherine heenan: been big news the search for the motorcyclists ejected from the anti average after crash sunday was suspended late today because of windy conditions the chp says the man was thrown from the bridge after colliding with the hindgut. before the accident officers had been responding to calls about speeding motorcycle on the bridges and narrow shoulder. the coast guard searched the delta for several hours after the crash and this morning the sacramento sheriff's a marine unit was backed out of boats equipped with sonar they are not calling this a recovery mission and not they are calling this of recovery mission and not a search and rescue effort is believe that finding the body in the delta will not be easy.
6:11 pm
>> catherine heenan: friends and family of the victim were at the antioch oakley shoreline peart. the his boss says the young men was a joy to work with the just been promoted at his job and was also a new father of a three month old baby girl. >> catherine heenan: coming up the east bay neighborhood is on edge tonight that is after a shootout is said to people to the hospital and new information on the deadly police shooting of an oklahoma man the charges against the volunteer deputy who fired the fatal shot.
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> catherine heenan: berkeley police are looking for whoever shot at two people and hit several on. the people were shot were in this car which is riddled with will all will impose. the crime happened around 1:45 a.m. this morning please close the intersection of more than 10 hours and residents are still on edge police said they believe police one of
6:15 pm
the car was involved in the gunfight. >> : guess this is really scary. >> catherine heenan: ascend tableau police officer has been charged with buying heroin and cocaine in san francisco last week. officer kenneth white was also found with illegal weapons when he was arrested san francisco police are arrested him after noticing suspicious activity around his car. they also arrested 57 your timothy french saying he was involved in the drug deal. white is also charged with child endangerment since there was a two year-old girl found in white scarry remains in custody on to one in $50,000 bail. >> catherine heenan: in the case eerily similar to the shooting death of foster grant in oakland by bart officer atolls' oklahoma
6:16 pm
reserve deputy is facing felony charges tonight for killing a man. the deputy thought he was using his taser but it turned out to be his gun from our partners as cnn here is said levered era with the story >> reporter: eric harris was captured on surveillance video tried to sell a semi- automatic and ammunition to the undercover moments later using a swarm of agents coming and running a deputy tackles harris and that's when 72 year-old robert date set out saudi will use this tape taser but bates instead grabs is done and pull the trigger. >> : he shot me and shot me
6:17 pm
zero guy he shot me zero guide you shot me man >> reporter: a retired police officer has been called in to review the information >> : you train in every area you can and times of crisis sometime training will not take you to crisis >> reporter: the deputy >> : mr. bates lack any kind of training from 1964 to 1965 for one year and never passed his probationary period >> reporter: doing is significant and longstanding support of this sheriff's department >> : you heard the sheriff's department say any other officer could do it a share
6:18 pm
to par smith spokesman says that still stand by the deputies' actions but the d.a.'s office says they see it differently. they're charging him with second- degree manslaughter >> catherine heenan: the deputies attorney today is disputing bell's claims about the lack of training. he said that mr. bass has all the required training and is taser certified. cnn is reporting that the victim's brother says he does not believe the shooting had anything to do with race he told reporters today " this is simply evil. >> reporter: the storm is working its way into the bay area tonight and may bring a few drops just a few sprinkles at best for this evening. right now is clear rewind the and the temperatures have come down about 10 to 15 degrees for
6:19 pm
today a few clouds are rolling into the golden gate the gusty winds will continue this evening and will continue always to tomorrow morning it will be breezing to rob the twin next 24 to 36 hours. a show you more of future test coming up sunshine for tomorrow morning as the clouds quickly clear but the wins will wrap up for the afternoon possibly as strong as 45 mi. an hour. 8:00 p.m. local out pushing hand spotty drizzle also blue mid to late evening hours and the weather front starts to show up north of santa rosa around 10:00 p.m. spotty rain in light it comes to the bay area san francisco and oakland ride around midnight but this is the very end of the system there is no energy very little moisture to work with so the showers if we do see any will be light and scattered and by 4:00 a.m. the wins
6:20 pm
will start to crank up and blast all the clouds out of here sunshine through the day with blustery conditions. this is a look of the sierra for tonight it could produce all little bit of snow up of at above 6,000 ft.. the gusty winds possibly as strong as 80 mi. an hour over the higher elevations of the sierras and warming up to the week. relatively mild day for tuesday '60s by the base '70s by the south bay low to mid '70's and lynette 74 guesses coming >> reporter: and national knows the list of republican presidential candidates gets longer. florida senator marco rubio says it is time for new generation to run the country. >> : must change the
6:21 pm
decisions we are making by changing the people are much making them. >> reporter: moscow ruled rios campaign announcements stress it stressed his use and his humble upbringing as the son of cuban emigrants is the first term senator al little known facts about him is that he briefly converted to the mormon church. >> catherine heenan: coming upper >> grant lodes: you're looking at the picture of lawrence phillips was a former 40 niner's the rams pomatums the 6 overall draft pick back in the early 90's he was a start player he is accused was killing his cell mate and kern valley state prison were lifeless body was found over the weekend and he is accused lawrence phillips of killing that person he played for the
6:22 pm
niner's in 1999 that was his last game he is currently serving a sentence of more than 30 years to twice convicted for joking his girlfriend in 2005 and later driving a car into three teenagers after of game in l.a.. is still unclear if yes attorney there will be issuing a statement lords' philip is accused of killing his cell mate and will continue to follow the striking story >> catherine heenan: and coming up and iconic piece of the golden gate bridge toll is back in place but something's missing will explain next and in the credit of the credible video of what happened with some roars out on the water got unexpected company that information coming up
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying
6:25 pm
bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >> grant lodes: happening on giving set for full closure of interstate 80 an oakland
6:26 pm
both directions of 880 between 23rd street and 29th avenues will be closed tonight from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow that stretch of interstate will be close to the same time each night with him thursday night into friday morning caltrans is closing that portion of 880 so we can start removing the 29th avenue over crossing the torts are posted. >> catherine heenan: drivers on the golden bridge might have noticed is something looks a little different than our deck o'clock on the golden gate bridge toll plaza was reinstalled after being gone for eight months the huge 8 4:00 was taken down in august for refurbishment and some modification work as for the hands on the clock will those will be working for a few more weeks. >> catherine heenan: now much more news at 630 including the protests happening at an east bay
6:27 pm
school board meeting about funding for air-conditioner is plus new affirmation on the toddler who fell into which she kept it at the cleveland zoo and play ball a sea of black and orange for the giants' home opener at att park.
6:28 pm
female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore.
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i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
6:30 pm
>> catherine heenan: the martinez unified school dress of district parents are protesting that meeting is underway at their school was discriminated against when a board member suggested that hispanic students do not need air- conditioning because they're used to eat and the other school that had mostly white school students at the air conditioning. >> reporter: here in morgan hill's residents are coping with new tough water restrictions. the level to
6:31 pm
one water shortage outdoor watering is limited to two days a week before 9:00 a.m.. is the rules about topping loss one temples and named presidents must fix all leaks within 48 hours and a ban on all car washing except for commercial car washing that uses recycled water. >> reporter: here in oakland crews are still trying to clean out what is left of the cement that fell into the creek last wednesday. they've made good progress over the weekend but exposed portion of the creek have been remote and now they're trying to get to some the nearby pipes and drains to get those cleared out the corrective the creek to the claremont golf course that not saying when they will finish but they're hoping to wrap up work by later this week in east bay chow's clifford kron 4 news >> reporter: aaron at&t park is the giants' home on but
6:32 pm
opener unfortunately james don't the game doesn't go as they wish the score was 2 to 0. >> : the greatest team on the history of the planet best color best team >> reporter: these fans know about the losing streak and injuries and they say is just the beginning of the season and their the giants after all. >> reporter: and another big story and gunfire one bullet rips through a person's home the gunfire also struck two people and their car kron 4 news obtain these pictures of the car involved in the incident you could see the car is riddled with bullet holes the say the two victims to males in the 20's were taken to the hospital and police are looking for a least one suspect in the
6:33 pm
case here berkeley crew terisa estacio kron 4 news >> reporter: in antioch the search for motorcyclists who was ejected from the antioch bridge into the water below after row accident sunday has turned into a recovery mission. the sacramental shares the program marine unit deployed boats equipped with sonar and a dive team. the mission was called off from 3:00 p.m. because of the windy conditions this is video of the family and friends of the victim they did not want to go on camera 01 person who knows the young man says he is a new father of a three month old baby girl maureen kelly kron 4 news >> reporter: 01 of the three men who drowned in an >> catherine heenan: one of the three men drowned in a and northern california of the diving for abalone over
6:34 pm
the weekend is from the bay area the menacing help county sheriff's department says tate won zero out of dublin and two other men from georgia and new jersey had been diving when they had rough water and were caught between two outcroppings of rocks this is a picture from the coast guard witnesses described 72 8 ft. swells and off-duty firefighter who was fishing sodom struggling in the water call for help abalone diving season started april 1st. >> catherine heenan: charges were filed against the mother of a two year-old fell into a cheetah exhibit at the cleveland zoo over the weekend witnesses say machel's was always dangling her son over the railing when he dropped 10 ft. into the enclosure but the cheese did not attack and the boy's parents quickly jumped in and pulled him how he
6:35 pm
suffered a leg injury schwa up his mother who works in child care was charged with misdemeanor child endangerment. >> grant lodes: the washington university in st. louis fishermans man's growing team found this out the hard way when a swarm of leaping fish blindsided their practice on friday no one was ready for the assault shortly after rowing under a bridge the team unwittingly entered a layer of the card and began slowly with a few fish sleeping here and there within moments in devolve into a biblical carps storm as the poseidon himself has said his minions for the sink the boat if the birds were shot in the sea life it would open with this same apparently this is normal behavior for asian car which is skittish by nature and easily spooked by watercrafts leaping is their reaction to a fair and they
6:36 pm
have even been known to enter boaters' stave frosty of their guys you never know when you will walk into a scaly crossfire. >> reporter: severances could never make it up to 60 this afternoon even though we have clear skies with a possible wet weather coming around midnight is of very weak system coming through otherwise the big impact from this will be gusty winds for tonight to tomorrow. the sea breeze will be up to 35 mi. an hour. as the remaining breezing of for the overnight hours. and then the winds kick up for the afternoon on the backside of this weather system to see those wins from 30 to 45 mi. an hour tuesday afternoon those of an bicol wins with high temperatures only in
6:37 pm
the upper 60s around 70. that changes very quickly. >> reporter: instead of the cool air off the ocean were getting warmer air out of the sacramento bat out valley friday week reached 90 degrees ammon. sunny and warm weather for the weekend to reach 90 in the inland areas by friday >> catherine heenan: one of arizona's most dramatic murder trial is finally over the penalty for convicted murderer jody arius.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> reporter: judd the areas
6:41 pm
will be spending the rest of her life behind bars she was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2013 the convicted killer says she is truly with disgusted and repulse with herself her ex- boyfriend travis alexander was stabbed multiple times shot and nearly decapitated back in 2008 the crowd from today's sentencing spelled out of the court room with people listening from outside alexander's family as well as his killer made comments before the sentencing today a judge ruled there is no possibility of parole. >> : and glad that everything's over now to be time for healing i hope the alexander family can find some peace and our family to do is been rough on her family to >> : i'm very sorry for the amount of pain i caused the
6:42 pm
people will love travis i never thought i would cause so many people so much pain >> reporter: jody areas please death will bring her freedom and would rather face death penalty than sit in prison for the rest of for life to juries were deadlocked on whether to sentence areas to life in prison or death due to the deadlocks the death penalty was off the table catherine >> catherine heenan: carey would tell you more of a mission sports coming up next character sports coming up next with gary radnich
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: giving everybody the giants in such have won their last six home openers. wednesday the celebrations of the good as anybody bruce
6:46 pm
bochy unless unscom must oppose the caring and giants three world series trophy. madison baumgartner has this may have been a highlight of the day if you're following a social media yet people honoring the champs bomb got there on a horse he rode a horse that would lead and ride one during the world series of celebrations so they're letting in ride here. >> grant lodes: this a safer environment. >> gary: the flag goes up and here we go and that is down to business in the giants' offense just could not get it done. the giants were 0 for 7 with runners in scoring position. a strand
6:47 pm
12 runners for a day rookie chris heston is second big- league start pitched great but makes a mistake here to sunnyvale's troy who lives a single to right to bring in a run top 6120. get so little revenge on to a low freezing emir on a wicked curveball. that pitch must oppose the cannot block it by get small slips often a houston nick cuddly slides then at first call doubt but the ball comes lose some bruce bochy argues the look of the replay and the call stance giants as have seven months of the last five games of the men's shot twice. bruce bochy on the lighter side talking about baumgartner on the horse. >> : i noticed how could
6:48 pm
look but the guy grew up on a horse and is comfortable on a horse and getting on a horse so saw was fine with that medicine came to the show and gave him a horse and the players have some fun with >> gary: that's was known as opening day chatter you those four and a row he shot out twice shut and nobody's question you about that the just talking about the war's. >> catherine heenan: i agree with grant the southern and a talk about is bumper riding the horse. >> gary: at a frantic me to a dude ranch in wyoming i could not walk for about three days. i made tweed about it later catherine have never been on a horse in it and beat the heck out of
6:49 pm
your of >> catherine heenan: i'm not really good at it but i have friends with horses. gramm when did you ever ride a horse >> grant lodes: i thought the vein get bad eakins' own a series of dude ranches. >> gary: i'll bring then taken out here again seems like audience was more of it the a's and the astros and billy bulger just hitting 3 run tom brady to rob the first pitch in fenway park today is low wild was a really good high school player in sarah the poppy shaken hands and there is tom brady kept share of the day moki that there is a been a moquis is black all my gushed to arrive bryce
6:50 pm
harper still couple of bases on one play what is it the way news is going give up smoking best nobody covered third two steals on one sequence he also on heard tonighthomer.. phillies and mets criticize more runs out to get a ball in the outfield and look what happened to bring him right and then they can when you come from money you think this stuff is funny the detritus the dump the bier on the philadelphia outfielder head the you think of the stuff is finding because your mom and they get judd trouble but the mets beat the phillies 2 to nothing.
6:51 pm
>> gary: 1 stay here for golf that something you really relate to. agusta. all the money is in the dust the. this tiger woods was and that the ratings were up 23% from last year and jordan's speech was very good too. the 21 year-old. speak the man tied tigers from 1997 record -18 he pockets $1.8 million in city popped a ball out in is rest and get a pop and back again and his caddy michael geller was teaching sixth grade math in 2012 volunteer to caddy for him at a u.s.
6:52 pm
amateur event where he won is now made them more than $300,000 in the past month for caddying for jordan's peace. >> gary: crabtree is purely as honest a poet as have to moses the raiders is still looking for another white out crabtree body was gone the bonds over and have everybody begging for me to some trips and nobody offered in many things so he stays here with the raiders. >> gary: muir always felt comfortable in that agusta crowd right >> : i haven't been there actually of watching it on television is on the luxury box somewhere else would be more like it >> gary: if anything catherine if anything i know people.
6:53 pm
>> catherine heenan: still at a roller coaster of temperatures across much of the bay area brian than eight in his back with all look at the forecasts for the rest of the week. brian than eight in brian van aken...
6:54 pm
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>> james:>> reporter: be sure to turn to tunica kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. for the tech report. >> reporter: more rent is up around you read the and the system will be out of here will see sunshine and cool and blustery conditions >> catherine heenan: thanks
6:57 pm
for joining us wheel to see you tonight at 8. we hope to see you
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> everyday americans need a champion, and i want to be that champion. i'm running for president. >> forget all about 2008 it's time for hillary's 2.0. will the former first lady return to 1600 pennsylvania avenue? buckle up america, because the clintons are back. >> will the obamanators become hill raisers this time around? it's a good thing. i'm excited about it. >> we're at the mtv movie awards. what's up. it is all about the movie mamas. >> j.lo and scarlett on their mother's day wishes. >> i want a ur-hour nap. >> welcome to "jane the virgin." then i'm with the iconic barrier breaker rit na moreno
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